WinExpert Selection Whisky Barrel Cabernet Merlot Limited Edition - PRE ORDER

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Pre-oder deadline: Monday, June 17, 12 PM

Pre-Order Deadline: June 17th @ 12PM

Due to the popularity of these varieties and restricted availability, orders must be made on a reservation basis.


Pre-order terms: By choosing to pre-order this kit you will be charged at checkout. Your pre-order wine kit will ship early to mid-July. If you are local (Elmhurst, Illinois), and would like to save yourself the shipping fees, please select "pick up in-store" as the shipping option. Expected release date: early to mid-July.

The Region:
The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia has a terroir that is affected by the deep Okanagan Lake and the surrounding mountains. The moderately cold but short winters and the hot summer temperatures allow for the production of an exceptionally well balanced Cabernet Sauvignon. Paso Robles, located on the Central Coast of California, enjoys a long growing season and a healthy harvest which is the perfect condition for growing high-quality Merlot! The blend of Cabernet and Merlot from these regions reign supreme.

The Wine:
A robust blend of California Merlot and full-bodied British Columbia Cabernet Sauvignon are the perfect partners in this delectably versatile blend. The ripe berry fruit flavors, the structured tannins, and the high acidity combine to create a wine that truly shines! The addition of peated and unpeated oak chips from genuine Whisky barrels adds nuances of vanilla, tobacco, and spice as inviting toasty notes on the nose lead to a long, smooth finish.

Food Pairing:
This wines versatility makes it a match for a variety of dishes! Keep it simple with pepperoni pizza or be creative and pair it with a rich, roasted leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic. This wine will practically go with just about anything. Or simply enjoy sipping on it solo over great conversation or other relaxing activities.

Style: Bold Full Bodied Red
Body: Full
Oak: Whisky Barrel
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 13.0%