All in One Wine Pump - Deluxe

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All The All In One Wine Pump packages are lightweight, made of durable plastic and is easily cleanable. It comes with an in-line vacuum release valve for flow control.

The bottling attachment gives you consistent bottling liquid height. It removes the CO2 every time you use it to transfer. No more bending over for bottling or lifting full carboys ever again.

We added additional eyelets on the backside of the unit for organizational purposes

A well balanced handle – for easier carrying

Racking Wine is among one of the most important things we can do as winemakers to clarify our wines naturally. It is extremely important after primary fermentation to transfer off the yeast beds, so not to add any sour taste to our existing wine.

Typically we would have to lift approx. 100 pounds plus of the primary with the grape skins and juice for approx. 6 gallons of wine . This can definitely be hard to lift and we can insure that we will feel it in the days to come.  But there is an easier way – The All in one wine pump !  We now can Rack without a difference in height – so that will make better racking’s because of the following

The sediment will be not disturbed prior to racking , unlike traditional racking’s

No lifting carboys or primary fermentation vessel

No height difference needed to transfer your wine

It is very fast and efficient – approx. 4 minutes per 6 gallon carboy

Easy to sanitize and clean (approx. 30 seconds) click here for more details

You can degas easily as you rack your wine, using the All In One Wine Pump.

The All In One Wine Pump is extremely portable – and light and very dependable to make your life easier.

While adding any chemicals ( sorbate , sulfite ,etc.) it is best to put the chemicals in the carboy that you are transferring into then start your transfer. This process will make sure that all your wine is mixed properly.

When racking you must go into a glass vessel in order to be able to start a vacuum and have the process work.


While you are racking your wine you will notice that there is foam on top of your wine. This is normal – this is CO2 that is being removed out of your wine. Typically it only takes several transfers to remove most all your CO2 using the All In One Wine Pump. There is no need to do several racking’s back to back if you have the pump from the beginning of your wine making process.

Note –

If you have a smaller vessel that you are going into – make sure that the vessel is above the one that you are pulling from as gravity will take over and continue to flow the wine. You can always pinch off the racking hose as you manually transfer the bung assembly into another waiting carboy.

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