Barrel OxyFresh - 1 lb

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Barrel OxyFresh is a cleaning compound designed specifically to provide maximum efficacy in removing organic soils and destaining wood in wine barrels while minimizing potential residues. Barrel OxyFresh incorporates oxygen as the primary active ingredient to produce an aggressive, yet natural, solution to break down soils and molds and condition the barrel so that it continues to add character to the wine. As a bonus, the oxygen content provides an additional benefit by lowering the oxygen demand of the wastewater. Barrel OxyFresh's components will readily biodegrade or revert to naturally occurring minerals over a short period of time and the product itself is non-hazardous and non-corrosive.

Recommended Use Directions to Reclaim a Barrel:

1. Rinse barrel thoroughly to remove all gross soils and contaminants. Make limited use of a brush if necessary.
2. Fill barrel halfway with cool water and add Barrel OxyFresh at a level of 0.5oz/gallon capacity (e.g. a 30 gallon barrel would need 15oz of Barrel OxyFresh). Roll or rock barrel for 3 minutes to dissolve product.
3. Top up with cool water and roll barrel again. Bung loosely and allow the barrel to sit for 24 hours.
4. Empty the barrel and rinse the interior with water thoroughly.
5. Fill barrel halfway with water and add citric acid at a level of 1oz/5 gallons capacity. Roll barrel for about 3 minutes to dissolve acid.
6. Top up with cool water and roll barrel again. Bung and allow barrel to sit for 6 hours.
7. Empty the barrel and rinse interior thoroughly.

Basic Cleaning: Use the same procedure above, but reduce the level of Barrel Oxyfresh to 1oz/5gallons and allow it to sit for 4 hours. Reduce the level of Citric Acid to 1oz/10 gallons and allow to sit for an hour.

Safety: Contains sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate. May cause eye irritation and may be harmful if swallowed.

First Aid: Wash skin that has contacted material with water. In case of eye contact, rinse under cool running water; seek medical attention if irritation persists after 15 minutes of flushing. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting; drink milk or water to dilute and call a physician.