We offer Home Winemaking and Home Brewing Classes
Our classes geared for beginners but fun for all.
In our Home Wine Class we make 6-gallon WinExpert kits which produce 30 bottles. We allow up to 3 people per kit, and typically 6 persons per class. Cost is $75 per person plus the cost of kits being made and packaging (bottles and corks.) You select the WinExpert product you would like to make, and we help out with our experienced pointers and tips. The full line of products available to make can be found here: Home - Winexpert. This is a great first step to learn fermentation basics and better prepare to make grape or fruit wines.
Our Beer making class is very similar to our Winemaking Class. It is $50 per person and up to 4 people per kit making Brewers Best ingredient kits. Brewer's Best Ingredient Kits and Supplies. Beer classes make 5 gallon (50 - 12oz bottles) and are capped at 4 people.
Times are flexible, but we try to schedule during our open store hours. We will need to schedule 60-90 min session to make the kit for wine, then an additional 60-90 min session to package (bottle) the kit 6-8 weeks later. For beer, it is typically ~2 hours initially then 60-90 min 3-4 weeks later.  After the second session you will be sent home with your finished wine or beer that can be consumed immediately or cellared for further aging. Please contact us via Phone or Email to schedule your class. 

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