Super Transfer Pump w/ Pre-filter

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Super Transfer Pump

 Super Transfer Pump is quick, compact and portable.

It is easy to install anywhere, since it comes with mountable shock-absorbing feet.

This self-priming unit is specially designed to save you time. You can transfer a 5-gallon carboy in approximately 1.5 minutes.

  • It flows at a rate between 1 to 3 GPM (gallons per minute.
  • Has an on/off switch with variable flow adjustment dial and a 5' electrical cord.
  • Comes with a pre-filter to prevent clogging of the pump head.
  • Comes with hoses, clamps and fittings.
  • BPA Free and made with Food Grade Materials.
  • Our new prefilter is easier to remove by hand (no tools required), easier to inspect when is clogged and does not affect at all the transfer speed/rate, less mess when you clean the screen on the go (as the liquid remains on the prefilter body) and creates cero turbulence on the wine (due to smaller prefilter surface that is a downfall).

Can tolerate temperatures up to 212 F (100C), however, will need to use a different type of hose for high temperature as the ones provided with the pump will only stand up to 130F (54C).